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Dinner Table
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Dinner table only. Chairs and table mats not included.Condtion: Used, still in good condition.Perfec..
Breville Super Wizz..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Only used a few times, taking up room in my cupboard!
Miracle Fridge
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Miracle Refridgerator Colour: Silver Freezer storage: 40L Condition: Almost perfect, minor scratc..
Grey fabric 3 seater..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Grey 3 seater fabric couch, in very good condition, perfect couch for the new home or to furnish the..
Contempo Vacuum
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Blue Contempo upright vacuum cleaner, in good condition, minor wear and tear all around but still wo..
Mac Bluetooth Trackp..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Mac Bluetooth Trackpad fully functional. 
Bed frame and Queen..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Bed head, bed frame, mattress (double sized mattress)
Double sized mattres..
  • 0Bids
  • AU $0.99
Dark red bed frame with included bed side tables. Double sized mattress is included.

Clients Review

charityBay testimonial from SisterWorks™
A platform like charityBay is a great partnership for SisterWorks in spreading awareness about our organisation. Any bit of money invested into SisterWorks goes a very long way for a locally based non-profit like us. Furthermore, the ethos of charityBay in promoting a sustainable cycle for unused items blends with the ethical model of our SisterWorks products. We believe in sustainability and making consumption more eco friendly.
charityBay testimonial from God’s Dreaming Inc.
Genius! A way for charities to be supported by making use of items that may otherwise go to waste, especially during social distancing.
charityBay testimonial from World Youth International
World Youth International are so excited to be featured on charityBay. This user-friendly online marketplace that helps you convert your unwanted valuable items into donations allows non-profit organisations such as ours to focus on our sustainable development projects. It has been a pleasure working closely with the charityBay team so far, and we hope our relationship can continue to grow over coming months and beyond. Well done to charityBay for their innovation in creating such a worthwhile platform to facilitate the act of giving when the world needs it most!
charityBay testimonial from ChildSafe
I love charityBay I think it is one of the most innovative ideas this century and a wonderful way of putting goods to good use. Its helping the environment and it is changing lives through the charities it supports. charityBay has helped ChildSafe to raise much-needed funds and we are looking forward to a long relationship with a great organisation changing the planet and charities, one purchase at a time.
charityBay testimonial from Step Up For Students
Step Up For Students started to work with charityBay in 2020, a year full of challenges for everyone. However, thanks to the support of charityBay, a platform that helps charities across Australia, we have been able to support international students during these difficult times. We are very grateful with Mateo and his team not only for the constant support, but for the innovative, unique, and eco-friendly ideas and strategies.
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