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charityBay is a not-for-profit online marketplace, with both a mobile application and website capabilities.

Our goal is to generate an additional revenue stream, that may once not have been previously available, and pass on this revenue to charities around Australia.

The basic concept is:

  • one person uploads a useful unwanted item through charityBay to go to auction, and ultimately protecting our environment by reducing our overall hard waste.
  • The seller (or donor) can choose between a 1, 5 or 7 day auction period.
  • Users can then bid on the items, and once the successful sale has taken place at the end of the auction period, the revenue is sent onto the selected charity.
  • Before the donor posts their item for auction, they will choose a charity of their choice to receive the benefits.
  • The beneficiary charity will receive 95% of the revenue while chairtyBay retains 5%, purely to cover our operational costs. 

charityBay was brought to life by a small group of people with a passion for social change and the drive to give back to charity while reducing the environmental impact of hard-waste collection.

We saw how many items were being left out for landfill collection and noticed many of the items still had life left in them and were worth both money, and a second life in a new home.

This is why charityBay came to life. We wanted to create and supply a platform in which people can donate items, which may have otherwise found its way to landfill (or perhaps that they are simply willing to let go of for no monetary return!) and have the money generated from these auction sales to be redirected to charity. We wanted to give all charities, large and small, an even playing field in receiving this new form of donations.

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No, charityBay is not a registered charitable organisation. We are a registered not-for-profit organisation in Australia with a social cause that has been validated by social traders. 

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