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Australian Black/white Stories Ltd
North Melbourne, 3051
Est: 20 Jun 2019
This charity has not yet provided a summary about their activities.
City Lights Community Church Limited
Arana Hills, 4054
Est: 09 Jan 2019
We conducted religious services, developed a sense of community and supported people and families.
Church Mission Enterprises Limited
Fairfield, 3078
Size: Medium
Est: 28 Nov 2018
We operate designated bookkeeping, insurance and investment services to affiliated churches and agen..
Centre For Academic Research And Education Limited
Schofields, 2762
Est: 12 Nov 2018
This charity has not yet provided a summary about their activities.
North West Uc Ltd
Narrabri, 2390
Est: 05 Jun 2018
CUC North West supported 72 registered rural and regional students studying at university and other..
The Trudy Crowley Foundation Ltd
MACKAY, 4740
Est: 11 Jul 2018
Employed a palliative care nurse for the Mackay Region Assisted patients diagnosed with Ovarian Canc..
White Caravan Foundation Limited
Est: 15 May 2018
This charity has not yet provided a summary about their activities.
My Best Life Australia Limited
Bomaderry, 2541
Est: 26 Apr 2018
* We took delivery of several buses as part of the 'Second Life' initiative and commenced refurbishm..
The Junction Clubhouse Cairns Limited
Parramatta Park, 4870
Est: 20 Apr 2018
We provide support to people with a lived experience of mental illness We provide NDIS support to t..
Asit (wa) Ltd.
Size: Small
Est: 01 Oct 2014
We delivered programs, primarily to youth or other 'at risk' groups which were focused on mentoring,..
Gim Foundation Limited
Lakemba, 2195
Est: 23 Feb 2018
GIM help needy people through many project there: feeding the poor, sponsoring widows, orphans & stu..
Al Huda International Limited
Est: 19 Dec 2017
We offered religious and self-development courses for women and youth and following the curriculum o..
The Boonderu Foundation Limited
Size: Medium
Est: 29 Nov 2017
Boonderu is an embedded education initiative that reinforces self worth and positive behaviours by u..
New Nature Ministries Ltd
Size: Small
Est: 14 Nov 2017
Our charity sent Ryan Rufus to teach in churches and Christian conferences around the world to advan..
Namal Australia Ltd
Burwood, 2134
Size: Small
Est: 25 Oct 2017
Fundraising for NAMAL College/University in Mianwali District Pakistan to help and promote higher ed..
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