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The Centre For Mental Health Education And Research Ltd
Glen Iris, 3146
Size: Small
Est: 17 Dec 2013
The Charity organized Masterclass events during the year with the aim to establish, develop, promote..
Catholic Secondary Schoolgirls' Sports Association Ltd
Hawthorne, 4171
Size: Small
Est: 01 Jan 2014
Providing sporting opportunities to secondary Catholic girl school students.
Quantum Ministries Limited
Bangalow, 2479
Size: Small
Est: 28 Jun 2013
Quantum Ministries Ltd is engaged in the publication and distribution of religious literature and tr..
Walk Of Life Training Inc.
Burleigh Waters, 4220
Size: Small
Est: 20 Jun 2013
We aim to protect young people who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, have runaway due to a..
Spinal Research Institute Limited
Kew, 3101
Size: Medium
Est: 04 Feb 2013
https://www.thesri.org/what-we-do/ The mission of the Spinal Research Institute is to support world-..
Alliance Of Girls' Schools (australasia) Ltd
Tugun, 4224
Size: Medium
Est: 01 May 2010
We provided leadership programs and opportunities for girls for girls to help address gender bias an..
Alphington Grammar School
Size: Large
Est: 25 Jun 1990
Special Fundraising activities to raise funds for Asthma Foundation, Alannah and Madeline Foundation..
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