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Women's Legal Resources Ltd
Size: Large
Est: 01 Jan 1982
Legal advice, representation, community legal education, systemic advocacy
Melbourne Women In Film Festival Limited
Size: Small
Est: 09 Jan 2017
• We delivered a festival (Feb 21-24) that included 18 events across 4-days that showcased and promo..
Refugee Advocacy Service Of South Australia Inc
Size: Small
Est: 01 Jan 2002
RASSA's Migration Assistance Project provides pro bono migration advice and assistance to people see..
Mettle Women Inc.
Est: 15 Oct 2018
- Mettle Women Inc. was not operational until September 2019. - During this reporting period (June..
The Trustee For Cherished Pets Foundation
Size: Small
Est: 01 Oct 2014
Cherished Pets Foundation (CPF) enables home-based pet care to be provided for elderly and disabled..
Emerge Women And Children's Support Network Inc
Size: Large
Est: 01 Jan 1975
We provide emergency housing and crisis support to women and children experiencing family violence...
Bunderra Environmental Fund Ltd
Size: Small
Est: 04 Jun 2015
This charity has not yet provided a summary about their activities.
All Together Now
Size: Medium
Est: 01 Jan 2010
We researched racialised reporting in the mainstream media and worked with affected communities to d..
Science Of Spirituality Western Australia (sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission) Inc.
Floreat, 6014
Size: Small
Est: 26 Feb 2015
We organise camps and sessions to create awareness about Drug free world Promote vegetarianism Medi..
Kenya Aid
Size: Small
Est: 01 Jan 2006
We fundraise and use our technical experience to provide financial and operational support to regist..
Dragons Abreast Australia Ltd
Size: Small
Est: 01 Jan 2003
Paddling fills that void and has been medically proven to benefit breast cancer survivors. Paddlers..
Planetshakers Cultural Trust
Size: Medium
Est: 05 Dec 2016
We promote the arts in relation to music, performing arts, film, video and television by way of prod..
Planetshakers Ministries International Limited
Size: Large
Est: 01 Jan 1995
The charity's activities empower the individual congregation members to develop a Christ based spiri..
Planetshakers Empower Limited
Size: Medium
Est: 24 May 2015
Empower runs a range of programs, including street teams, home maintenance teams, transport, food di..
Emmy Monash Aged Care Inc
Size: Large
Est: 31 Dec 1947
An ethno-specific service provider, delivering independent living, residential aged care and respite..
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