Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria Inc

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria Inc

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  • 01 Jan 2008

1. To function as a non-profit association whose members comprise volunteer fire brigades registered by the CFA under the CFA Act (1958) and its Regulations. 2. To liaise & consult on the operation of the "Volunteer Charter" in the interests of CFA volunteers about all matters which might reasonably be expected to affect them. The Volunteer Charter is an agreed tripartite commitment between the State of Vic, the CFA and CFA volunteers, committing the State of Vic and the CFA to consultation with volunteers about all matters which might reasonably be expected to affect volunteers. VFBV represents its Members and CFA volunteers in that consultation process. 3. To assist in maintaining high morale, ongoing health and welfare of CFA volunteer members and their families. 4. Support CFA volunteers experiencing personal financial hardship/crisis by providing small welfare grants that may assist in alleviating stress impact on the individual's ability to maintain their involvement as a volunteer. 5. Preserve and strengthen CFA's community and volunteer based foundations by enabling member of CFA brigades to consider and bring to the notice of CFA all matters affecting their welfare and efficiency (other than questions of discipline and promotion). 6. To promote to CFA volunteers the comprehensive support services available to them including but not limited to: legal assistance, OH&S, equity and diversity, counselling and welfare, training, employment support and compensation for accidents, injuries and illness. 7. To develop awareness, respect and support for CFA volunteers and their fundamental and pivotal role in the CFA as a community based, volunteer based fire and emergency service of the people of Victoria. 8. To take any other action as determined by the Association Board consistent with these purposes.

Areas of support
  • Advancing security or safety of Australia or Australian public
  • General Community in Australia
Areas of operation
  • VIC
Countries of operation
  • Australia

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