Uca - Corrimal Uniting Church

Uca - Corrimal Uniting Church

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  • 01 Jan 1977

Corrimal Region Uniting Church has pursued its charitable purposes over the last year for faith formation through worship and teaching. These include four weekly services of worship; Weekly Sunday School; Youth worship for high school aged youth; devotions at Kid’s Club and Youth Group; and weekly Bible study and prayer groups. The church also seeks to express care to its members and local community through the opportunities of service mentioned below, and also through particular care at points of crisis, eg ill health, funerals and ongoing grief. In addition, the Church seeks to serve the local community by living out in practical ways what it understands to be core values of the Christian faith. These opportunities for service include the following: • Men’s Shed – providing the opportunity for retired men and men with disabilities to come out of isolation into community • Living English Classes – seeking to break down the isolation caused by language barriers • Art for Fun and Therapy – providing community and creative outlets for people with mental health issues and for people isolated by other causes • Uniting Play – playgroups for parents with infants and pre-schoolers. Creates space for community and sharing approaches to parenting • Op-shop – bringing relief to poverty in the region through provision of friendship and inexpensive clothing, and raising fund to support work of the church and other local charities • Helping Hands – providing meals and financial assistance to people in need • Time Out – Social gathering for elderly people to provide them with community • Enz Meet Café – weekly free lunch providing relief for people in financial hardship. Also provides the space for people across the socio-economic spectrum to meet and grow in friendship and support • Kid’s Club and Youth Group – for primary aged and high school aged children and youth. Safe social gathering providing community and opportunities for leadership development • Craft Group – sharing of handcraft skills providing the opportunity for community.

Areas of support
  • Advancing Religion
  • General Community in Australia
Areas of operation
  • NSW
Countries of operation
  • Australia

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