Sisterworks Incorporated

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  • 21 May 2013

We support refugee and migrant women. Our Mission : Through work and entrepreneurship, our mission is to support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants to improve their confidence, mental wellbeing and sense of belonging and economic outlook. Our Vision: An Australia where all migrant women are given the opportunities to become economically empowered.

Areas of support
  • PBI
  • Advancing social or public welfare
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Migrants Refugees or Asylum Seekers
  • Unemployed Person
  • Females
  • Rural Regional Remote Communities
  • Adults
  • Financially Disadvantaged
  • Other Beneficiaries
Areas of operation
  • VIC
Countries of operation
  • Australia

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Sisterworks Incorporated

9th December 2020 1:18:pm

Donation Dollar Handles:

Every small donation accumulated can help build the resources needed to support our Sisters in developing the skills and confidence to work in Australia. These donations will help SisterWorks reintegrate into face to face programs and production of the SisterWorks label products as we transition out of COVID lockdown.


Examples of how donations help support our programs:


$20 - You can pay for a day of training in either sewing or cooking for one Sister. She will learn basic skills using our sewing machines or food hygiene and preparation in the kitchen. Skills that will give them confidence and experience to work in Australia.


$50 - Two-week training tools & craft materials. You can support us in training a Sister and providing her with tools. In that time, she will develop skills in creating her own craft products for sale in our stores. She will learn to sew bread bags, make candles, and beeswax wraps.


$100 - You can support a Sister in developing her skills for one month at SisterWorks. This will pay for her to learn and grow her skills to make products to sell in our stores, as well as empowering herself to learn how to work in Australia.


$600 - 6 months of support and sponsorship developing Sisters skills and achieving their empowerment to work in Australia and improve their mental wellbeing.

Click here if you would like to donate to SisterWorks:


Sisterworks Incorporated

21st September 2020 9:27:am

Reusable Masks Project at SisterWorks

A donation to SisterWorks helps us continue to provide support programs for our migrant, refugee and asylum seeker Sisters.

During this difficult period, SisterWorks has focused resources and materials on our Reusable Face Masks project. Monetary donations help fund sewing machines and materials for the Sisters to produce DHHS compliant Reusable Face Masks, which have been mandatory and a necessity throughout Melbourne’s COVID-19 period. Since March 2020, we have engaged more than 70 Sisters from Melbourne

and Bendigo in our mask project. Furthermore, we have sold over 46,000 Reusable Face Masks.

In recent months we have initiated a 'Donate - a - Mask with SisterWorks' project. For every $10 donated to SisterWorks during this period, we can provide a mask to a vulnerable member of our community. More than 1,600 masks have been donated so far, with our ultimate goal to reach 5000.


Click here if you would like to see more on this project:

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