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We at charityBay love partnering with organisations that make it their sole purpose to make the community more inclusive. And one such incredible organisation that we are thrilled to feature this week is Sacred Heart Mission.  

Since opening their doors in 1982 to share a meal with the most vulnerable community members, they have evolved into an independent not-for-profit organisation renowned for effectively helping thousands of people experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives.  

Sacred Heart Mission understands the complex interrelationship that exists between trauma, homelessness, mental health and social disadvantage. Through Sacred Heart Missions’ wide-ranging homelessness services, research and innovation, they strongly advocate for an inclusive, fair and compassionate community.  

The Dining Hall is at the heart of the Mission, providing breakfast and lunch every day of the year for hundreds of people. Much more than just a meals service, the Dining Hall opens a doorway for people to access a variety of services and support mechanisms offered at Sacred Heart Mission. 

Sacred Heart Mission also offers a variety of services for women, including crisis accommodation and the Women’s House engagement hub.  They have a variety of housing support programs including the Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI), which provides three years of tailored support and has been recognised as one of the most effective programs to end chronic homelessness in Australia. Sacred Heart Mission’s 97-bed aged care residential facility also provides a home for life for residents with histories of experiencing homelessness or disadvantage.  

They take a highly collaborative approach, with many services being provided in partnership with other agencies. Sacred Heart Mission is sustained by strong connections, a deep pool of generosity and continued support of government, philanthropy, community donations and volunteers. 

Sacred Heart Mission also operates 12 op shops across Melbourne, which provide 30% of the Mission’s income and help fund their vital services. 

We at charityBay are immensely proud to be partnering with Sacred Heart Mission and hope that together, and with your support, we can shift the needle. 

If you would like to be a part of Sacred Heart Mission’s journey and help them in their quest to make society a more inclusive place, click here.  


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