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We at charityBay have been actively working towards making the world a better place by bridging the gap between those that want to help and charities. And we are ecstatic to welcome a wonderful organisation like PANDA to our family. PANDA stands for Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia, and they provide support to families across Australia affected by anxiety and depression during pregnancy and in the first year of parenthood. We are confident that our partnership with PANDA, along with your support, will help provide the much-needed support to expecting or new parents.   


PANDA’s Vision: A society where perinatal mental health is valued and understood and where stigma and systemic barriers to seeking help no longer exist.  


PANDA operates Australia’s only National Helpline that supports families affected by perinatal anxiety and depression, and postnatal psychosis. Their daily contact with women, men, and families affected by these illnesses gives them an extraordinary insight into the complex rollercoaster journey experienced by many expecting and new many parents. Having developed a unique understanding of perinatal mental illness across the country, they are committed to sharing this expertise to improve emotional and mental health outcomes for expecting and new parents and their children.  


To amplify the effect of their support, PANDA has developed some exceptional programs aimed at assisting people with prenatal and postpartum support. Some of these programs are listed below.   


National Helpline: Providing the only National Helpline dedicated to perinatal mental health, PANDA is driven by the lived experience of people affected by perinatal anxiety and depression. PANDA responds to the needs of families across Australia who are expecting a baby or in the first year after the baby’s birth, from major cities to rural and remote areas. The Helpline offers support, information, counselling, and referral to expecting and new mothers and fathers and their families and friends. Their team also provides secondary consultation for health professionals.  


Intensive Care Coordination Program (Victoria and Adelaide): Through the Intensive Care Coordination Program, PANDA provides care coordination and advocacy for expecting and new parents up to one year after the birth of their baby through working with local health professionals and services in Victoria and Adelaide. This includes providing ongoing counselling and support for expecting and new parents with severe perinatal mental illnesses.  


Health Professionals Training (Victoria): Health professionals have a vital role in addressing expecting and new parents’ emotional and mental well-being. However, amongst those who call the PANDA National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline, few have disclosed their concerns to their GP, midwife, or MCH nurse. While the reasons for this are complex, PANDA’s training for health professionals aims to address these obstacles, incorporating evidence base, learnings from the National Helpline, and the lived experience of their volunteers.   

PANDA also runs Community Education Programs in Victoria, Supported Playgroups, and community Champions Program, all with the mission to help parents deal with prenatal anxiety and depression or their postpartum struggles. 


The team at PANDA have been the pioneers within this field in Australia, and we at charityBay are delighted to join them in their journey. If you would like to be a part of their journey, click here and help us make this world a better place.  



charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause.   


charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause.   


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