TLC For Kids

TLC for Kids is a leading Australian children’s charity helping sick kids and their families cope with the challenges of everyday life with illness. Upon referral, they provide the children and families customised options for their practical and emotional support both in and out of the hospital. Whether it’s a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, TLC for Kids is part of the extended support network for sick children, aiming to reduce stress and help everyone face what’s ahead. 


TLC for Kids MISSION: To put smiles back on the faces of sick children and their families.  

TLC for Kids VISION: For sick children and their families to be practically and emotionally supported during crucial times of need. 


Using new, innovative ideas, the team at TLC for Kids works around the clock to ensure that they can assist the families and the children in the most efficient way possible. TLC for Kids is a unique organisation that always puts the families and children first, which is why they do not put any children onto a waitlist. Their services are actioned almost immediately,  with a response given within 24-48hours. TLC for Kids also holds no limits on how many times a sick child can come to them for help. They are there for the child as and when needed. By far, the most unique thing about this organisation is the exceptional, innovative programs they run, some of which are mentioned below.  


Distraction Boxes: 

The TLC for Kids Distraction™ Box Program is designed to give nurses and healthcare professionals the perfect tools to guide young children through painful examinations and procedures. Each Distraction™ Box contains several fully-researched and therapeutic items to distract and guide children through painful medical examinations and procedures. All items comply with hospital infection protocols and are geared towards children who are developmentally 8 years old and younger. Distractions can be delivered within 60 seconds using this program, meaning its impact is immediate. Currently, over 400 hospitals all over Australia are using these distraction boxes.  


TLC Ambulance:  

TLC for Kids is proud to be partnering with one of Victoria’s most respected institutions, Ambulance Victoria, to introduce The TLC Ambulance. In 2019, the TLC Ambulance began delivering special moments to sick children in palliative care, transporting them to their most treasured places to experience that joy one last time. The experience will be captured and commemorated for the family. The TLC Ambulance is more than just a vehicle – it offers a beautiful, memorable day out for families to treasure forever. Click here to learn more about how TLC Ambulance works.  



The RAPID TLC Service is the fastest referral system of its kind in Australia. Approved healthcare professionals can contact them to request free emotional and practical support for sick children in need and their families. TLC for Kids is committed to responding to all requests immediately, actioning them within 24 – 48 hours, if not within the hour – hence the name ‘RAPID TLC.’ With rapid turnaround and no restrictive criteria, TLC for Kids strives to ensure that no child misses out. Referrals are for any child, with any sickness, or any health condition, from newborn to 21 years of age. 


Since 1998, TLC for Kids services have been used and helped sick children in Australia over 9 million times by providing unique programs to give practical, emotional, and distracting support to sick children and their families. We at charityBay are proud partners of TLC for Kids and truly appreciate all their efforts towards the betterment of so many lives. If you would like to be a part of the TLC for Kids journey and help them to help thousands of families around Australia, click here.  


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