The City of Melbourne sponsors charityBay

Earlier this year charityBay was selected to take part in 'The Melbourne Global Innovation Program' sponsored by 'The City Of Melbourne, among the hundreds of applications, strictly a maximum of ten, were chosen to continue in a further program by 'The Hacker Exchange'.


charityBay was lucky to be among the chosen applicants, The Hacker Exchange offers 'a stimulating 2 and half week program in July that included mentoring and networking with some of the world’s top industry leaders, from companies such as Google, Amazon, Zendesk, and founders of high profile organisations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Singapore.'


Our co-Founder/Director Mateo Palacio believes successful businesses should think globally and act globally, be customer-centric and innovative. Watch the video of charityBay's pitch on The Hacker Exchange's Pitch Day 5.0. 

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