Thank You and Farewell

Dear charityBay community and friends,


Today, we want to share that charityBay will no 

longer operate, effective from the 1st of September 2022.


It has been a very hard decision to take. 

However, the truth is that while many of us have created a positive impact 

amongst charities via charityBay, we have not reached the initial impact 

objectives and growth rate that we set. 



have decided to stop charityBay, reevaluate and invest 100% of our time for 

future ways that would allow each of us to create a positive change in the 



We have no words to describe 

how grateful we are to each person that has supported us during the last 

three years.


It has been an honour to be 

a part of your lives.




Warmest regards,


All of us from charityBay


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