State Schools' Relief

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State Schools' Relief (SSR) is an invaluable not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students and their families each year. Their valuable service ensures that all students can attend school in warmth and comfort with a greater sense of belonging and improved self-esteem, which in turn enhances their educational engagement. 

All requests for support received by State Schools' Relief are treated sympathetically and in confidence. Assistance in the form of clothing or footwear is provided directly from their stock, where possible, and is delivered directly to the student's school free of charge. 

Where a voucher is provided in lieu of physical items, this will be emailed to the school for the student/family to use towards purchases from the school uniform shop, or uniform retailer, on a gap-payment basis. 

State Schools' Relief can only respond to assistance requests from principals, assistant principals and/or wellbeing/ welfare coordinators. Teachers and principals can request further information and clarification by contacting the office on 03 8769 8400. 

Parents or carers who are struggling to provide their child's uniform may need to make an appointment with the school principal or assistant principal/welfare coordinator to discuss their individual situation. 

State Schools' Relief provides support to any Victorian student attending a government school (primary, secondary or specialist) on the school's advice. 

Schools can submit an application directly via their online portal whenever they believe there is a need to support a student whose family/carers are facing difficulty in providing the appropriate uniform, footwear or educational items for attending school. 

Situations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Unemployment. 
  • Health issues/illness. 
  • Financial difficulties. 
  • Independent living and/or homelessness. 
  • Natural disasters, house fires. 
  • Bereavement. 
  • Domestic violence. 

The team at SSR has been working tirelessly to make sure they help every student that needs it. Some of their incredible programs are: 

  • Glasses for Kids Programs: Aims to remove vision impairments as a potential barrier to educational engagement in Prep to Year 3 students of selected schools. 
  • Graphic Calculators Program: This is for secondary students completing STEM subjects. 
  • iPad Program: in partnership with Bank First and Gandel Philanthropy. They were pleased to once again supply iPads for non-verbal Victorian students in 2021. 
  • Myki Card Program. 


Over the course of its time, State Schools' Relief has impacted the lives of around 70,541 students; it has provided t-shirts, tops, jackets, etc., to over 104,000 students. SSR has also donated over $121,116 to over 174 schools in the year 2019-2020. These imperative actions have provided thousands of students with a sense of belonging and equality.  

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