Repurpose your unwanted Christmas gifts!

Australians receive over 20 million unwanted gifts during Christmas time. Australians are now collectively spending around $11 billion a year on Christmas gifts. It’s easy to overdo it at Christmas time. We overspend, overeat, and end up wasting more than we do any other time of year.

Most of us receive many gifts that we either barely use or just leave lying around going to waste, but what if there was a solution to repurpose those gifts and give them a second life cycle? This is where charityBay can help you, and the environment, and also support any selected charity, with the item or funds you donate on our platform. The gifts that you received over the holidays, the ones that you don't really need or use, why not put it up for auction on charityBay?



Many Australians are (literally) buying into the pressure to go “all out” at Christmas time. Whether it’s a desire to impress relatives, a pressure on parents to make each Christmas bigger and better than the last, or simply to keep up with the Joneses. What’s meant to be a time for family fun, quickly turns into a struggle to afford the “perfect” Christmas. And the environment is struggling to handle the inevitable waste that comes with this culture of excess and over-indulgence. Here are some interesting facts:


  • Australians are now collectively spending around $11 billion a year on Christmas gifts.
  • Aussies receive over 20 million unwanted gifts at Christmas time.
  • 86% of Aussies find Christmas puts a strain on their finances, with buying Christmas gifts reported as the major cause (66%) of this pressure.
  • Australians use more than 150,000km of wrapping paper during Christmas – enough to wrap around Earth’s equator nearly 4 times.
  • In Australia alone, over 5 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill each year – enough to fill 9,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • 90% of Aussies usually discard over 25% of their food during the festive period (December 1 – January 1)
  • An estimated $400 million was spent on 10 million unwanted gifts for Christmas in 2019, many of which were discarded and likely ended up in landfill.


What is charityBay and how can we help?


The concept of charityBay started from living in an apartment in inner-city Melbourne. It felt as though every day, new people were coming and going, and in their wake left countless items being left on the nature strips and in the communal rubbish rooms to be taken to landfill inevitably.

A washing machine, a couch, an assortment of children's toys left in a cardboard box labelled 'free to a good home'. But these items had worth - they still had life in them and would be perfect for someone else to use and love. And more surprisingly, they were belongings people were happy to part with for no monetary gain.

So it got us thinking.. what if we could somehow sell these items and create a new revenue stream for those who truly need it. Cold hard cash that could be used in any charity, for any cause, and go towards the personalised needs of those associated with any charity. From there - our minds went wild.

Imagine if we could simultaneously help those in need AND reduce our impact on the environment. Reducing landfill, increasing reusing, and recycling. And hey! That pre-loved item you picked up on charityBay might even inspire a Saturday afternoon DIY project! The opportunities are truly endless! Convinced that everyone has the power to help, we committed to giving our sweat, blood, and tears into this movement, welcome to the new era of giving back.

You can download our app today, and start following the prompts, where you can then see the list of over 2500 charities, visit and read blog posts covering news about us, charity spotlights, and general tips and advice, and your personal profile where you can navigate through the dashboard, between buying, selling and donating. From there you can see our listings where you can find many different and unique items, at a bargain, and more importantly, when you buy an item you are ultimately giving back to a charity, and benefiting the environment by reducing waste.

Our app is available on both Apple and Android. 


Start 2021 off with a kind gesture for the community and the environment. Repurpose your items today with charityBay!



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