Join charityBay founders Haidar & Mateo at Spark Festival!

Join charityBay at #SparkFest: Australia’s largest Festival of Innovation!


Listen to our founders Haidar and Mateo on ‘THE STARTUP JOURNEY: CHARITYBAY’ at 9.55 am on October 20, to learn about their social entrepreneurship journey and how they applied technology for social change and environmental sustainability. 


Spark Festival is Australia’s largest event for start-ups, innovators & entrepreneurs: a free full-day Livestream from October 12 to 23, with additional networking and connection opportunities throughout the festival. Whether you're looking for the inspiration to get started, the learnings you'll need to start and grow a business, or the connections who will help you make it happen, you need to tune into Spark Festival this year.


Register now (it’s free) & tune into our livestream session on Oct 20 @ 9.55 AM AEDT



October 20

9:55am — 10:30am AEDT


Register here: 



See you there!

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