We’re incredibly excited to introduce our new nation-wide delivery service with Transdirect!

Transdirect is a freight broker that searches all available carbon neutral freight couriers to then provide a quote and booking for the most efficient and economical service possible.


Here’s how it works:


Step 1. List your item 

The nation-wide delivery service begins when you first list your item. You are given the option when listing your item to select a delivery method for the piece, with the choice to offer either pick up, delivery or both.

When delivery is chosen, you must provide the item dimensions and tailgate pickup selected where applicable (This is needed for example where the item is quite large and requires a large truck. i.e a fridge) 

* Please note that as a donor, you must have access to a printer to print the required shipping label. This will also be mentioned when you first list your item. 

Buyers are able to see the available delivery methods when viewing the item or placing a bid. If you choose to have the Transdirect delivery method available, they will be able to see a quote to get the item to their address. To see this quote, bidders need to pre-save a shipping address to their account, or enter their suburb and postcode to receive a quote.  



Step 2: The lucky winner chooses the delivery method

After a buyer has won an item, they can then choose a delivery method, being either pick up or delivery (depending on which is made available by the donor). At this point, the buyer will be charged for the freight fee if they choose the Transdirect delivery option.


Step 3: The Donor Books Collection

Once the item has been paid for and if the delivery option has been chosen; you (the donor) will then be notified to book the collection of the item. This is already paid for by the buyer, all you need to do is choose a time and date that suits you! 


Step 4: Tracking

Once the freight has been booked, the buyer will be notified and is then able to track their item. 

Thanks for making positive change. Welcome to the new era of giving back!




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