How to take the perfect photo to sell your item on charityBay


A picture is worth a thousand words, and photography can make or break whether your item sells. We’ve created the ultimate guide to photographing your donation, to show that you don’t need a fancy camera to take a good photo and list your item on charityBay. Read below on how to create the perfect photo using your smartphone to stand out in the marketplace, gain more interest, and attract more bids for the cause you love!


1. Take and upload multiple images

• To maximise the chance of your item selling, we recommend taking photos of your item at different angles. For example, if selling a jumper, take a photo of the front, back, sides and any details that would be of interest to a buyer. 


• Make sure you take photos of any usage marks (for example, scuff marks or stains) to remain transparent with the buyer. Having close-up pictures of interesting or unique details can also help you draw in more bids.


• If possible, try and photograph the item in its natural setting (for example, if listing a pair of shoes, show how they look on). 


2. Make it simple 

• When taking photos of your item, setting it against a simple backdrop is the best way to capture a viewer’s attention and help the product stand out. 


• Textures and contrast can add dimension to a photo, so try experimenting with against backdrops like wood, concrete or marble. Otherwise, a simple white or plain background with the item in the centre of the photo is also great. 


• Avoid distractions (like other unnecessary items) in the photo. You want to show off the item on its own in all its glory, so the less “busy” the image is, the better!



 bad product photography      good product photography


3. Keep it in Focus

• Always make sure that the photo is not blurry. To focus your smartphone when taking product photos, simply tap on your phone screen and hole until the image and the details of the item are clear. 



bad product photography 2    good product photography


4. Use good lighting 

Good, natural light is crucial to taking a great product image. 


• If possible, try photographing the item near a window.


• Avoid night-time shots as these are often too dark and grainy. 


• If necessary, you can also experiment with other light sources, like a lamp, to help illuminate the shot.


Feel free to experiment with your photos! Remember, as long as the product is the clear focal point of the image, the picture is not blurry, and the space is well lit, you should be on to a winner. 


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