Hello, from charityBay!

I guess you're wondering who we are and what we do, so let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

The concept of charityBay started out from living in an apartment in inner city Melbourne. It felt as though everyday new people were coming and going, and in their wake left countless items being left on the nature strips and in the communal rubbish rooms to inevitably be taken to landfill. A washing machine, a couch, an assortment of children's toys left in a cardboard box labelled 'free to a good home'.

But these items had worth - they still had life in them and would be perfect for someone else to use and love. And more surprisingly, they were belongings people were happy to part with for no monetary gain. So it got us thinking.. what if we could somehow sell these items and create a new revenue stream for those who truly need it. Cold hard cash that could be used in any charity, for any cause and go towards the personalised needs of those assocaited with any charity. 

From there - our minds went wild. Imagine if we could simultaneously help those in need AND reduce our impact on the environment. Reducing landfill, increasing reusing and recycling. And hey! That pre-loved item you picked up on charityBay might even inspire a Saturday afternoon DIY project!

The opportunities are treuly endless, I can think of at least 10 items in my own which I would happily part with if I knew they would be loved by someone else, and the proceeds were helping those in need.

We would love for you to be apart of our community. Share your thoughts, your ideas, your donation success stories and in return we'll do the same. Ask us anything that's on your mind, we're always here to help.

Let us know below items that are on your donation list - perhaps you may even ignite some imaginations within our community!

Talk soon,

The charityBay team


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