Happy International Youth Day!

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." - Franklin D. Roosevelt. 


Since today's youth have access to multiple sources of knowledge, they are highly aware and determined to make their voices heard. The 12th of August is marked as 'International Youth Day' by the UN. It is celebrated to ensure that the youth of any country have been given a platform to communicate with their governments about issues concerning them. The young generation from around the world host virtual debates, roadshows, organise youth forums and exhibitions to bring awareness to problems pertaining to them and engage in topics conversation about their legal, political and social ideas.  

Source: Mission Australia 

Currently, the Australian youth is most concerned with equality (reducing discrimination) and mental health awareness. It is essential that they feel inspired to take action, speak up, and contribute to bringing about the necessary change. Below are few charities doing exceptional work with the youth of Australia to empower their lives: 


World Youth International: With a vision to educate, empower and inspire positive change within the global community. World Youth International is committed to creating innovative and exciting opportunities for people to live life passionately, contribute to the global community, enhance the quality of life, strengthen communities, and reduce poverty through sustainable development projects. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with World Youth International.  


UN Youth Queensland Incorporated: The activities of UN Youth QLD in 2019 served to empower young people by allowing them to engage with the topic of international relations. This is achieved by providing educational workshops, conferences and competitions for school-aged children. Apart from functioning within the Metropolitan area, they also conduct a range of activities within rural QLD. To get involved with the UN Youth Queensland Incorporated, click here.  


Step Up For Students: Step Up For Students is a not-for-profit Profit organisation that supports international students in Australia facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and other circumstances out of their control. With a small team of volunteers, they operate around Australia to connect students with donors who can provide them with the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs through tax-deductible donations. To learn more about what you can do for Step Up For Students, click here


Tlc For Kids: Tlc for Kids aims to provide relief and support to families with sick children across Australia via a number of free programs designed to give distraction and support when they are needed the most. Relying solely on the public's generosity to ensure they reach and provide support services over 1,000,000 times a year, TLC For Kids Inc pride themselves with their inclusive approach and fast-responding work ethic. To support TLC For Kids Inc, please click here.  


To view the entire list of charities we support, kindly click here.  


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