COVID-19: How to keep safe while donating

Ensuring our customers and community remain safe is at the utmost importance to the charityBay team.

In line with newly enforced government regulations, we are all expected to do our best in stopping the spread of COVID-19. We are a community, and we need to look after each other during this time. 

Permitting person-to-person contact remains at a maximum of two people and the safe distancing rules are applied, charityBay remains a viable method of buying and selling. In case you feel more comfortable staying indoors, we are also working on introducing a new delivery option, which allows for your new items to arrive directly at your doorstep. Check back in shortly for when this feature becomes live. 

When dealing with customers, and primarily during face-to-face transactions, adhering to the following steps is essential. To keep yourself, your family and friends, and the community safe; please read the below steps to be actioned for all transactions.


Tip #1: The Exchange – Washing of hands before and after

Ensure you are following the Governments personal hygiene policy by washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before and after every charityBay peer to peer pick up.


Tip #2: Reducing Germ Transfer – Cleaning of items

For the seller, please do the right thing and thoroughly wipe down or clean your item as per item care instruction before pick up. 

For the buyer, we advise additional precautionary measures are maintained by thoroughly cleaning the item upon pick up. 


Tip #3: Stay Home and Inspect via Video

To convert old ways into new, offer or request a virtual inspection of an item through video. You can get in contact with the buyer/seller through the online message portal, and then communicate through email or telephone – whichever you find most comfortable. 


Tip #4: Contactless Delivery and Pickup

To ensure the government advised social distancing measures are maintained, we highly recommend the following:

Pick up from an apartment building: Make contact with the buyer upon arrival. Place the item down at the entrance, step back at least 2 metres and wait for the recipient to retrieve the item. 

Pick up from a house: Make contact with the buyer upon arrival. Place the item down at the entrance of the property, step back at least 2 metres and wait for the recipient to retrieve the item. Consider asking the seller to remain on the street footpaths to increase the distance from the house. 


A smile and wave can go a long way! Instead of the normal handshake, consider greeting your buyer/seller with a lovely smile and rating their service through the app or website. 


If at any time during the auction period you or any of your family and friends are displaying symptoms including temperature or cough, please get in touch with the charityBay team at [email protected] to put a pause on your listing. 

We will continue to update these recommendations upon government regulations. If you have any further questions, please get in contact with the team at [email protected].


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