ChildSafe: Christmas Gala

ChildSafe Limited exists to serve organisations and individuals working with children and vulnerable people, with the goal of improving their well-being and safety.


Christmas is almost here, with 23 days left to go! We couldn't be more excited to be feeling the Christmas joy with our series of Christmas Gala Events. 


charityBay is excited to be hosting an online 'Christmas Gala' for ChildSafe, which will run from Friday 4/12/20 - until Friday 11/12/20. For this Christmas season, let's spread that same Christmas spirit and love to those who need it most, so tune in this Friday on the 4th, to have a chance at bidding/winning. Here are some of the many unique item/experiences available for grabs:

  • Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Experience - The Boeing 737 Experience is what Flight Experience is known for. With the aid of a commercial pilot, you'll get to experience what it's like to command a 60-tonne jet airliner. Their 737 simulators are used for real commercial pilot training, in fact, their simulator is one of the best openly available to the public anywhere in the world. 
  • A signed 2020 NSW NRL Jersey - State of Origin NSW jersey signed by the members of the NSW team.

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Childsafe is a Harm Prevention Charity, they provide many practical tools and training to help community organisations and workplaces transition from policy to good practice.

Located in Melbourne, their mission is “to be a harm prevention charity for the promotion of the prevention and control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to children and young people when in the care of an organisation”.

To achieve their mission ChildSafe aims to:

  • Resource and train the staff and volunteers of organisations in the implementation of quality safety management at the core of their organisation.
  • Facilitate collaboration between organisations in the sharing of practices for the safety and care for children and vulnerable people, reducing duplication of effort and creating more efficient use of community resources.
  • Create a Public Fund to be applied to the Object of the Company.


Over the next few weeks, charityBay will be hosting an online 'Christmas Gala' for selected charities. The event supports charities by auctioning off items on our platform, which then allows the buyer/bidder to bid for unique items, and then the funds generated, will go to that particular charity. Come along this Friday to support ChildSafe, by bidding on an item that gives twice this Christmas.

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