charityBay wins first prize at the City of Melbourne: Open innovation competition!

And the first place goes to ... charityBay! 

We are super proud to announce that we’ve been crowned the 2020 winner of the Open Innovation Competition by the City of Melbourne. 


We were invited to present at the Open Innovation Competition pitch night on August 19, 2020, alongside fellow entrepreneurs, innovators, businesses and students, to discuss our solution to eliminating the 800,000 tonnes of waste created within the City of Melbourne each year. 

On an incredible night, we were also awarded:

- The International Prize from The Greater Hub.
- The Melbourne Accelerator (MAP) Velocity Prize.
- The Mo Works Discovery Prize.


City of Melbourne Post- charityBay Open Innovation Competition Winners


As part of these amazing prizes, we have been invited to develop charityBay within the Indonesian and global market, aided by The Greater Hub at the Bandung Institute of Technology and the City of Bandung, along with a membership with Melbourne based co-working hub 11th Space. We have also been awarded the opportunity for a product discovery workshop with creative agency Mo Works, and entry into the University of Melbourne’s Velocity Program. 


We received an amazing prize package, valued over $100,000 courtesy of Startup Victoria, with a variety of business-related resources and workshops to help us further develop and grow the charityBay community. 


We want to say a big thank you to our supporters, and well done to the other finalists and presenters on the night. We’re honoured to have presented our ideas alongside so many innovative and fantastic organisations committed to making positive change. 

This is just the beginning for charityBay.

Welcome to the new era of giving back.

Donate, buy, smile ❤️




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