charityBay receives 1st Prize on Hex 5.0 by Hacker Exchange!

We’re excited to announce that charityBay has been awarded 1st Prize on Hex 5.0 by Hacker Exchange. 


After being selected for the “The Melbourne Global Innovation Program” in May, charityBay was sponsored to take part in the Hacker Exchange program. This was a stimulating 2 and half week program in July that included mentoring and networking with some of the world’s top industry leaders, from companies such as Google, Amazon, Zendesk, and founders of high profile organisations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Singapore. 


It was a jam packed 2 and half weeks, with our charityBay founders put to the test with events and tasks from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. The final day involved a pitch to various venture capital managers, Emma Forster of Smart Cities at City of Melbourne, Executive General Manager at AGL Energy and Non-Executive Director at Smiling Mind John Chambers, Head of Ventures at Draper Startup House Guiliana Crivello, and the CEO of Moral Fair Ground Susanna Bevilacqua. Out of 20 start-ups, charityBay was awarded first prize alongside data and development consulting platform WhyHive’s CEO, Tess Guthrie. 


We’re thrilled to have worked alongside such inspiring individuals, and want to say a big thank you to the Hacker Exchange for believing in positive change. This is just the beginning for charityBay. Welcome to the new era of giving back!


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