Charity Spotlight: Step-Up For Students

Introducing our latest charity spotlight, learn about how a small team can make such an impact in helping students with support and aid during the Covid lockdown period.

Step up for students is an Australian registered not-for-profit charity that supports international students in Australia facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic and other circumstances out of our control.

With a small team of volunteers, we operate around Australia to connect students with donors who can provide them the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs through tax-deductible donations.





1. Why and how did your charity first start?

Step Up For Students born as an initiative to help all Latin American students in Australia who are facing financial problems due to the loss of their jobs during the covid-19 pandemic.

When the crisis started a group of students and residents realized that there are many organizations that help students, but there is not one focused on helping Latino international students, that is why Step Up For Students born with the aim to become the gofundme for students with the benefit of providing tax-deductible donations.


What are some of the things you set out to achieve?

  •  Step Up For Students aims to provide support to as many international students as possible through periodic gift cards they can only spend on food. This way they will never miss the most essential goods and we ensure that the resources are being used rightly.
  •  Step Up For Students want to offer companies and people the option to donate and help others through tax-deductible donations that they can claim in the tax return.
  • Step Up For Students wants to mitigate the economic impact on students by food donations or by organising campaigns for specific causes



2. What makes your charity so unique/stand out from the rest?

Step Up For Students is the only organisation that focuses on helping international students from Latin America across Australia. We operate to ensure that 100% of the donations are delivered to students rightly. We work with our heart and our values inclusion, compassion, and equality.



3. Share a typical day at your organisation. How does your team typically work? How do you decide upon your next goals? Who/what other organisations do you partner with to enable the great work that you do?

As we are a small team of 6 volunteer, we split our task between organising the students who register, and the donors on our CRM, contact students, buy and deliver their food vouchers, follow up with the students to check that they receive the voucher, promote our campaigns on social media, report all the donations and make sure the donors receive the receipt, contact organisations and explain who we are and what we do, look for more volunteers to join us in this beautiful journey, among other tasks. Based on the results of every 15 days or month we decide upon our next goals.




4. What are some of the most triumphant moments in your charity’s history? Please share with us the top 4 of your most significant milestones.  

1. Becoming a registered not-for-profit organisation across Australia in the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. It was a big challenge and achieving it brought us a lot of satisfaction.

2. Obtaining 114 international students registered through our website in the first 2 months.

3. Collected $1,350AUD from donors in the first month.

4. Supported 27 students with donations during the first month.




5. What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing?

What motivates us to continue is to see the way in which with small actions we can impact a community such as the international students. 

Besides, all the volunteers we have been students and we fully understand all the challenges and circumstances that an international student goes through, so we want to support students and show them that even in a country as far away as Australia they can find a helping hand.


Does it ever get tough? 

Sometimes it gets tough when there are many requests for help but not enough funds to support it.



 6. How could a platform like charityBay assist in achieving your charity’s goals?

CharityBay is an excellent platform that provides us the opportunity to bring in funds that we can use to support more international students. Thanks to CharityBay we have been able to connect with more people who are interested in supporting the cause, and also thanks to Mateo and his team we have been implementing more strategies to build relationships with other organisations, and to gain exposure in the community.



7. What is installed in the future for your charity? What are some of the projects you’re working on?

● We are constantly creating spaces on the website for people to register or donate for a specific cause, similar to gofundme, but with the advantage of receiving a tax-deductible receipt.

● We are analyzing what are all the essential needs of international students to build relationships with other organisations that help us to provide more than just food vouchers.

● We are looking for more volunteers who are interested in being a Step-up for students ambassador in different cities in order to optimize our work.

● At the moment we are working hard to collect at least $4,400AUD to support 88 students that are waiting for help.


View their profile on our platform here.


Our charity spotlight aims to shine a light on not-for-profit organisations that we believe need more support and recognition in the things they do. Stay tuned for the next charity spotlight, and as always from charityBay, Welcome to a new era of giving back! #charityBay



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