Charity Spotlight: Artists for Kids Culture

In 1994, Jo Darvall, David Larwill and Bernie Jones founded Artists for Kids culture with the help of a group of  artists and friends who wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of children living in inner-Melbourne public housing. Their initial focus was on the kids living at the inner-city commission flats of Collingwood, Prahran and St Kilda.  


Since then AKC has helped 1000’s of children across Australia take part in joyful, exciting, life-changing, fun and rewarding activities and experiences funded by artists, sponsors and volunteers.

CB: Why and how did your charity first start? What are some of the things you set out to achieve? 

Founded in 1994 by the late and much revered artist David Larwill. The aim was to enrich the live of disadvantaged children through art.


CB: What makes your charity so unique/stand out from the rest? 

We work so closely with a range of artist who all share the same passion for kids. Art and time is generously donated, any funds raised is then past on to support a child. We pay for lessons, supplies and anything else that they might need.


CB: Share a typical day at your organisation. How does your team typically work? How do you decide upon your next goals? Who/what other organisations do you partner with to enable the great work that you do? 

There is no typical day here at AKC. We pride ourself on being adaptable to the ever changing landscape. No two stories are the same.


CB: What are some of the most triumphant moments in your charity’s history? Please share with us up to 5 of your most significant milestones. 

  • Raising over $100K at one of our auctions. 
  • We recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary
  • Getting Funding for the arts bus
  • We developed a colouring book which brought together 30+ top end Australian artists, including Ben Quilty and Pasquale Giardino.  

CB: What motivates you to keep doing what you’re doing? Does it ever get tough? 

It absolutely gets tough but the reward and joy we bring to kids and the stories we hear makes it worth it every time.


CB: How could a platform like charityBay assist in achieving your charity’s goals? 

2020 has been a tough year for everyone. We have had to adapt all our fundraisers to meet the restrictions. Each year we hold a massive Gala Auction which we had to adapt to online. Having a a new audience to hear about us would be invaluable

CB: What is installed in the future for your charity? What are some of the projects you’re working on that you would like to share with your community? 

Arts Bus

The Arts Bus is a mobile arts studio, theatre and music space, enabling AKC to facilitate meaningful, thoughtful and therapeutic arts activities. It brings quality arts practices to children who would otherwise miss out.

Many children and young people with complex lives find it difficult to access arts activities due to financial hardship, transport issues and other responsibilities . Like a ‘mobile library’, the Arts Bus travels to children, eliminating issues of access. The Arts Bus provides a quality, best practice creative service for free to children experiencing hardship


The charityBay team would like to personally say a tremendous thank you to Artists for Kids Culture for all their incredible hard work and dedication. 


If you would like to support Artists for Kids Culture, head to https://www.charitybay.org/charity-list/artists-for-kids-culture


Welcome to the new era of giving back!


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