Catch charityBay co-founder Mateo Palacio Gomez at the Future Founders Festival!

Future Founders Festival


We’re thrilled to announce that our co-founder Mateo Palacio Gomez will be speaking at #FutureFoundersFestival - Australia’s first digital start-up festival for international students by StartSpace and Study Melbourne


The Future Founders Festival is a free, multi-day event by business leaders from the international student community featuring workshops, expert panels, pitching and funding opportunities. This is your opportunity to hear from successful business founders and entrepreneurs about how to develop a viable start-up business in Australia, along with business design skills in a series of expert-led workshops, as well as join a vibrant community of business founders and entrepreneurs. It's going to be an action-packed 5 days, with over 30 speakers, presenters and performers over 20 sessions. 


You can catch Mateo at the Impact and Purpose Event, on Thursday, September 24 at 3 pm AEST. The panel with share the stories of their purpose-guided start-ups which focus on sustainability, diversity and generosity, along with the origins of their companies (like charityBay!), and why these founders were compelled to make meaningful change.


Register to get your free ticket to the multi-day event from 23–27 September featuring workshops, expert panels, pitching and funding opportunities here: 




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