Building a Culture of Philanthropy

The word philanthropy is derived from the Greek meaning "love of humanity", it perfectly portrays the feeling of those involved in it. At a time where reliance on charities and social services is more than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian charitable sector has seen a massive hit in the past year due to the downturn of the economy. Through these challenging times, it is imperative that we encourage and imbibe a culture of giving on a personal and corporate level to help charities overcome this hurdle and move the needle on their goals. 


Individual Philanthropy: As some individuals find it challenging to find a charity that is the right fit for them, a couple of essential factors that can help them in their pursuit are to look at what inspires them about the organisations' story, to understand the goals and progress of the charity and lastly how would they like to build a relationship with the charity.  

For individuals, it is essential to realise that to build a relationship with a charity, they do not need to contribute monetarily necessarily. They can donate their time and volunteer with the organisation or even sell items they no longer need and raise funds through charityBay.  


Corporate Philanthropy: Research shows that an organisation's culture dramatically affects its effectiveness. Introducing a culture of philanthropy with the organisation would increase optimism and morale. It would also create a sense of community and increase collaboration within the company. 

Moreover, by inculcating a culture of giving to those charities that best align with the organisation’s philosophy, corporations are also reinforcing the company’s vision and values with all stakeholders. 

We both individuals and corporations have the power to show our love for humanity. We can all tackle this problem and raise funds for charities by using charityBay. Mentioned below is a list of some of the charities that are currently supporting Australian and international communities. You can support them via charityBay: 

  • World Youth International Australia 
  • Step Up For Students  
  • Catalysr 
  • Broken To Brilliant  
  • Sisterworks Incorporated 
  • State Schools' Relief 
  • Y-gap (y-generation Against Poverty) Ltd 
  • Tlc For Kids  
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 

*You can find more charities to support here.  


charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause.  


Ready to discover your power to help? Donate, Buy, Smile - charityBay.org 

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