Broken to Brilliant: Christmas Gala

Broken to Brilliant’s goal is to reduce the long-term impact of domestic violence by increasing financial independence, decreasing distress, increasing opportunities through education, life-skills training, and social support networks and supporting the rebuilding efforts of those who have experienced domestic violence.

Christmas is around the corner, with 23 days left to go! We can't express how excited we are to be feeling the Christmas joy with our series of Christmas Gala Events. 

charityBay is excited to be hosting an online 'Christmas Gala' for Broken To Brilliant, which will run from Friday 4/12/20 - until Friday 11/12/20. For this Christmas season, let's spread that same Christmas spirit and love to those who need it most, so join us this Friday on the 4th, to have a chance at bidding/winning. Here are some of the many unique item/experiences available for grabs:

  • An original acrylic canvas art piece by Amanda Krantz - The winner will receive an original acrylic art piece on canvas float framed in sustainable oak. ‘Thrive’ by Amanda Krantz is a semi-abstract piece created with inks, acrylic paints, and paint skins assembled in layers to mimic that of a crowded and thriving pot of plants. Krantz’s Japanese influence can be seen in the “kintsugi” detail on the pot… an art and philosophy of repairing broken ceramics with gold, respecting it, and making it even more beautiful. You can see the artwork here.
  • Meet Karen Jacobsen, the person behind the voice of 'Siri' in Australia and New Zealand - A once in a lifetime experience, meet Karen Jacobsen who is the voice of 'Siri' and the voice behind many GPS devices and apps. Along with 3 books signed by Karen, a copy of her album, and a personalized video from Karen. 

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Broken to Brilliant LTD is an Australian registered not-for-profit charity established by domestic violence survivors’ to mentor other survivors to re-establish successful lives. They help victims who have safely left the abusive relationship and are out of the crisis by providing services and programs to empower, support, assist and give hope to survivors in their journey to create a new chapter in their lives.

Broken to Brilliant works with survivors after the initial crisis and immediate resettlement time. During their journey of recovery, we empower survivors to rebuild their new chapter in life. Their mission is for "Domestic Violence Survivors mentoring fellow survivors who are creating a new chapter in their lives." 

Over the next few weeks, charityBay will be hosting an online 'Christmas Gala' for selected charities. The event supports charities by auctioning off items on our platform, which then allows the buyer/bidder to bid for unique items, and then the funds generated, will go to that particular charity. Come along this Friday to support Broken To Brilliant, by bidding on an item that gives twice this Christmas.

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