Big news: charityBay made finalists in the Open Innovation Competition by the City of Melbourne.

charityBay is proud to announce that we are finalists in the Open Innovation Competition run by the City of Melbourne! For the past six weeks, we’ve worked alongside fellow innovators, businesses, entrepreneurs and community members to find ways through technology and data methods to help eliminate the 800,000 tonnes of waste created within the City of Melbourne each year. 

We’ll be presenting our ideas at the Open Innovation Competition pitch event on Wednesday the 19th of August, speaking alongside fellow social enterprises and entrepreneurs such as Y Waste, Boom containers, T’wine, Crateful by STREAT, Fair by Nature, REBORN by HoMie and RMIT Rubberised Concrete Processing Technology. Register today to watch our founders Haidar Al-fallouji and Mateo Palacio Gomez discuss how charityBay is helping to solve Melbourne’s waste problem and creating a brighter, and more sustainable, future. 

To register to watch the pitch: 


We’d like to say a huge thank you to our supporters, and well done to the other finalists!

This is just the beginning for charityBay. Welcome to the new era of giving back.



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