Australian Red Cross

As a massive pillar of support for Australians for over 100 years, Australian Red Cross has helped numerous individuals, families and communities through some incredibly tough times. We at charityBay, are delighted to welcome such an esteemed organisation to our charityBay family. We hope that together we can shift the needle to making the world a better place. Now, let's take a deeper look at what makes Australian Red Cross tick and their approach to helping Australians act for humanity.  


Red Cross's fundamental principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality have been the driving force for the organisation to make an impact in the world.  


Red Cross is a movement of people that help Australians act for humanity. Everyone in their own way, and together  with communities and partners, they give each action a far greater impact. 


When disasters strike, they are on the ground and on the phones. Red Cross helps people find shelter, find  support, and find their loved ones. They walk respectfully with First Nations peoples, towards a brighter and more  equitable future. When people come to Australia seeking safety, they help them make ends meet, settle into their new  communities, and search for loved ones gone missing. They advocate for laws that protect humanity in war. And, they stand with people for whom life has been unjust. 


Australian Red Cross' Purpose: 

'Bringing people and communities together in times of need and building on community strengths. We do this by mobilising the power of humanity.' 

Asutralian Red Cross' Vision: 

'Trusted as the leading humanitarian organisation, making a genuine difference in the lives of people and communities.' 


Red Cross relies heavily on Australians to help them in their quest and maximise their reach to those who need it the most. You too can be a part of Red Cross 's journey by connecting with the organisation to become a volunteer, member or partner. Also, you could utilise their learning resources to support your community. Lastly, you could help raise funds for them by selling unwanted items in your house on charityBay and ensuring the proceeds go to support Red Cross’ work meaning they can be there to help and empower people to get through tough times. 


 Click here to lend your support to Red Cross Australia.  



charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause.   



charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause.   


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