A Second Home

We all outgrow our 'things' - the new version arrives, we no longer have a use for the item, or it simply isn't to our taste anymore. But that doesn't mean that it couldn't benefit, excite or assist someone else on their journey.

Let us give you an example. The above picture is of a recent hard rubbish collection in our community. When diving into the items in this photo; mattresses, desk chairs, dining chairs, even camping chairs. Clothes dryers, frying pans, lamp shades. If you look even closer, you can see the handle bars of a bike in perfect working condition. 

So why do we throw these items away, only for it sit in landfill and damage our already fragile environment? 

Sure, this photo looks daunting. But that's only because of the way they have been piled up only for it to be destroyed by nature's elements and our local bug friends. But if we were to take each item and hold it in our hot little hands - they would be perfectly good and ready to fulfil the purpose they were created for. 

So, it's time we take that leap, and extend ourselves to make a difference to those who need it. Finding a new loving home for these items, someone in a different stage of their journey to yourself. Someone who needs a chair for their summer camping trip with their friends, or is looking to increase their milage to and from work with their new set of wheels.

Let's all make a pact to ourselves, the next time we come across items in our lives that we no longer need - let's try and push it's lifecycle and find it a new home.

Share with us below how you like to reduce your impact on the environment, because every little bit counts!

Talk soon,

The charityBay team

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