5 reasons why you should shop second-hand

If you too have a deep love of shopping and curating the perfect wardrobe and home, making the conscious decision to shop second-hand is the perfect solution for wallet-friendly and sustainable living. Every piece has a story, and putting them back into circulation by donating and buying second-hand goods helps add to their narrative, rather than ending up in landfill. Here are 5 reasons why you should shop second-hand. 


1. Shopping second-hand reduces landfill.

Over 500,000 tonnes of textiles end up in landfill each year in Australia alone. We’re quickly running out of landfill space, and we don’t have a second planet to dump these pieces. Further, it’s estimated that only 15% of pieces donated to opportunity shops are actually resold. With the increasing pressure of an overwhelming number of donations, charityBay is helping bypass this issue, providing a simple solution that extends a piece’s life cycle, while raising funds for organisations doing good. 



2. Shopping second-hand reduces demand for mass-produced products. 

Shopping second-hand decreases our reliance on fast and poorly made products. It is also the more ethical choice, meaning you are not directly supporting unethical manufacturing processes such as poor working conditions. Ethically made clothing can often be challenging to find, as well as pricey, so shopping second-hand is an easy way to remain socially conscious while hunting for a bargain. It’s a new take on retail therapy. 


shopping second-hand


3. Shopping second-hand reduces our carbon footprint- particularly when it comes to fashion.

The fashion industry is responsible for 10 per cent of all global carbon emissions, and it’s predicted to get worse if we continue with the current pace of fast fashion shopping habits. Australians buy on average 27 kilos of new clothing and textiles each year, making us the second largest consumer globally. Majority of textiles are made from synthetic fibres, which are not biodegradable. According to ABC’s War on Waste, Australians dispose of over 6000 kilos of fashion and textiles every 10 minutes.  One study in 2017 found that the average fashion consumer purchases 66 pieces a year. If 80% of those pieces were second-hand, it would prevent roughly 239 kg of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere. To make just one t-shirt it takes 2,649 litres of water. 


That’s some pretty shocking statistics, but the good news is if we pass on these pieces to others, we can extend a garments life by an average of 2.2 years, and even better, reduce its water, waste and carbon footprint by a massive 82%. It’s the eco-friendly choice. 


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4. It’s an easy way to create funds that support charities and community organisations.

Many charities and non-profits spend a vast majority of their time searching for donations and funding to support their cause. Online auction sites like charityBay and brick and mortar op shops help alleviate this struggle. By purchasing second-hand goods through such means, you’re helping fund community initiatives making a positive impact.  Giving back has never been so easy.


shopping second-hand


5. Shopping second-hand is a fun way to find unique pieces that won’t break the bank.

Shopping for second-hand pieces is the sustainable and financially friendly way to exercise your curiosity and creativity, and explore your style. From unworn garments, fabulous faux fur coats, authentic vintage hand-beaded bags, silk designer shirts, customised denim, beautiful jewellery, mint condition leather-bound books, records, film cameras, one-off artworks to funky furniture, there are endless gems to be found amongst the mounds of preloved goods in Op Shops and online marketplaces. These are all pieces loaded with history and stories deserving of a second life. Why not even try decorating your home through your very own curatorial lens, finding unique second-hand furnishings while staying on budget?  Shopping second-hand can also be a fun way to meet and bond with people who also value sustainable living, giving back to the community, and love a bargain. 



Want to give back and start shopping second-hand? Download the charityBay app today and start turning unwanted household items into money for the charities closest to your heart.



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