5 Minutes with Tiffany Nichols - Marketing Specialist for charityBay

Get to know our team and meet the people behind charityBay. In this one, meet one of our marketing specialist, Tiffany Nichols, as we ask her a series of questions.

Tiffany Nichols is a graphic designer who has worked on various projects and events over the last three years. She has experience in branding, digital marketing and the creation of print and publications. In her final year of a Bachelor's degree in Communication Design, she hopes to continue with her passions and build a career doing what she loves.




How did your journey start at charityBay? 

I was looking for jobs that would fulfil my desire to work in design while also doing something good for the environment and people worldwide. I applied for the job and found out all the fantastic things charityBay does, and I was instantly hooked. 



How does a day in life look for you at charityBay? 

I usually start researching issues I would like to cover on our social media and find imagery that I feel can evoke charityBay’s purpose. After my designs are completed, I spend time organising and scheduling the posts and writing my captions. Then weekly meetings consist of catching up with the lovely staff and pitching my new ideas. It is a pretty great job if you ask me.



What do you particularly like about what we're doing at charityBay? 

I love the fact that I can work in an environment that strives to improve people's lives around the world. What drew me most to the position was the fact that I could merge my two passions, design and community aid. I am so passionate about the environment, so working at charityBay ticks all my boxes.



What are you studying at uni? 

I am in my final year of communication design at Monash University. 



What do you do in your spare time?

At the moment, my spare time consists of me doing more university work or graphic design projects. As I am in my final year of university, I don't have much time to relax. But on the scarce occasion, if I have a spare minute, I will spend it with friends or family.



Fun fact about yourself? 

A fun fact about myself is that my absolute favourite food is olives; I would eat an entire jar for a meal.


Any advice for those reading this article? 

There is nothing more emotionally rewarding than helping those who need it the most, so I invite you all to join our movement. Join 'The new era of giving back' and discover your power to impact the community positively. 



We hope you enjoyed this segment where we introduce the people behind charityBay. Stay tuned for our next superstar!


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