5 Minutes with Shaivya Sharma - Marketing Specialist at charityBay

In this blog segment, we introduce the people behind charityBay. This week, we have Shaivya Sharma, our marketing specialist, with professional and philanthropic experience working in different countries like India, Oman, and Australia. Shaivya is very passionate about bringing about equality in the world and hopes to shift the needle in this with charityBay.   


1. Tell us a bit about your journey at charityBay.   

As someone who has constantly been involved with philanthropy at every stage of my life, as it was imbibed very early on, I was certain to do the same in Australia. I was on the lookout for an organisation whose values and principles would match mine. And as soon as I came across charityBay, I fell in love with the concept of providing a platform to those willing to help and connecting them with charities. I was lucky that around the same time, they were looking for a new team member as well.   

Once I started, I was welcomed with immense warmth and support, and over time, the values of charityBay have come a long way in shaping not just my professional but personal outlook as well.   


2. What does a day in the life of a marketing specialist for charityBay look like?     

We generally start off with our weekly meeting, wherein we brainstorm, ideate, and discuss the way forwards with the organisation. We then plan our week and create strategies for the messaging we would like to put out. I then work on my individual tasks assigned, which generally include the blog, which requires an immense amount of research. There is a lot of teamwork involved as we constantly bounce ideas off one another and provide constructive feedback whenever necessary.     

Apart from that, there could be a new challenge every day as there is in any startup. However, working for charityBay has been a beautiful experience, especially because of the team. The culture created within the organisation by Haidar & Mateo (The Founders) has been one of immense support and encouragement, making work an absolute pleasure.   


3. Tell us what you love best about the work being done at charityBay.    


The best part about charityBay is the fact that the idea is so novel. We aim to help all charities that make an impact on everyone. And this is done by involving those who might be in a place of privilege to help others. I think in the process, it helps build a strong sense of community and creates a relationship with those willing to help and charities, also inadvertently creating a relationship with those that need the help.  


4. Any particular charity that you love and why?    

This is a tough one since every cause within this space deserves equal attention and support. But personally, for me, I think any organisation working towards the betterment of children is really close to my heart.   

Since I have primarily worked with charities supporting children going through a hard time, it resonates the most with me. And seeing all the incredible work done by Australian charities in this field certainly drives me all the more towards this particular cause.   


5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?    

Taking inspiration from the brilliant show ‘MasterChef Australia’, I love trying out new recipes every week. Lately, I have been trying to learn more about Arabic cuisine.    

I am also massive soccer and F1 fan, which keeps most of my weekends booked. I have also recently started Bachata dance classes, which is a fun new activity that I look forward to every week.   


6. What do you love about living in Canberra?    

The people! The warmth of the people here certainly makes up for the lack of a beach in Canberra. Jokes aside, it is always a challenge trying to settle into a new country, and I think generosity and understanding of Canberrans made that move a lot easier for me.   

Apart from that, the natural beauty of the city, especially during spring, is just mesmerising! The wide variety of beautiful indigenous flowers, trees, and plants is absolutely stunning, and it really brightens your day.   


7. Any movie/show recommendations?    

As someone who loves documentaries, I’d definitely recommend the following:   

  • Drive to Survive  
  • Fyre  
  • Our Planet – By David Attenborough   
  • Of Fathers and Sons  
  • The Social Dilemma   


charityBay is a way where you can start helping others while supporting a greener tomorrow. With bidding starting at AUD 0.99c, it was never that easy to support your favourite cause. 


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