5 Australian charities supporting marine life and marine conservation

Your must-read guide to the Australian charities supporting marine life and marine conservation. Read below for our curated list of small and large, local and national charities actively working towards making major changes in the conservation education and protection of marine life. 


Positive Change for Marine Life

Positive Change for Marine Life dismantles the old narrative that the ocean exists for us to exploit. Through core values of understanding, education and respect, they empower communities to take action for our ocean, developing long-term initiatives which benefit the sea, as well as those who rely upon it for survival."

Their key focus is to address marine debris and pollution, which is having a devastating impact on marine ecosystems, as well as on human health. They also focus on the potential that waste management, up-cycling and ecotourism can have on transitioning coastal communities away from exploitative industries, whilst improving health, creating employment opportunities and protecting the ocean in perpetuity.

 Positive Change for Marine Life is proud to be independent, non-partisan, and non-denominational. Over 90% of their work is undertaken by volunteers and they pride themselves on ensuring transparency in all that they do.


Read more on their website here: https://pcfml.org.au/

Instagram: @positivechangeformarinelife

Facebook: @positivechangeformarinelife


Australian Marine Conservation Society Inc

AMCS works to protect Australia's coastal and marine environment. During 2018, AMCS worked to advance:

• The creation and management of marine reserves at the State/Territory and Commonwealth Levels

• The protection of the Great Barrier Reef

• The conservation of threatened marine species including sharks, turtles and cetaceans

• Sustainable well-managed fisheries and sustainable seafood consumption

• The reduction of marine pollution

• Better management of ports and shipping

• Better management of industrial activities in the marine environment

• Awareness raising and involvement in marine conservation through communications, education, research and community engagement. 


Read more on their website here: https://www.marineconservation.org.au/

Instagram: @marineconservation.au

Facebook: @australianmarine


Australian Marine Mammals Conservation Foundation Ltd

MMFS vision is to be a leading Australian marine mammal conservation organisation, protecting the marine environment through research, community engagement and education. MMF have: 


• Conducted applied research on the endangered Burrunan dolphins in Port Phillip Bay and Gippsland Lakes

• Conducted applied research on fur seals in Port Phillip Bay. 

• Conducted outreach programs in schools, life-saving clubs and community festivals to increase awareness of marine mammals and the endangered Burrunan dolphins, together with our "Marine Litter Project". 

• Conducted applied science workshops through our STEM program in primary & secondary schools.

• Sponsored and placed higher education "honours" and PhD students to conduct applied research within the organisation. 

• Worked with government and non-government organisation to advance the protection of the marine environment in Victoria eg. Sustainability Victoria; Coast Care; Zoos Victoria; DELWP; Love Our Lakes.


Read more on their website here:https://marinemammal.org.au/

Instagram: @marinemammalfoundation

Facebook: @MarineMammalFoundation


Plastic Oceans Australasia Ltd


Plastic Oceans Australasia is based in Melbourne and works throughout Australasia to change the way we deal with plastic waste by challenging society’s perception that this indestructible substance can be treated as ‘disposable’. 


Plastic Oceans Australasia has delivered education programs for corporate, government and community groups with a focus on primary and secondary schools around Australia. They provided facilitated workshops and seminars to understand the impact of single-use plastics on our environment and to explore solutions. They have worked with schools to assist their students to understand single-use plastic pollution and to reduce their plastic use, and have presented scientific, evidenced-based data to community groups, corporates and government departments.


Read more on their website here: https://www.plasticoceans.org.au/

Instagram: @plasticoceansaustralasia

Facebook: @plasticoceansaustralasia




Oceans’ Harmony is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to maintaining, improving and conserving the oceans and seas of the world. Oceans’ Harmony is driven by a dedicated group of professionals who devote their time to growing this beautiful and compassionate global family. Their goal is to build a major force in the conservation of the fauna and flora within the oceans and seas themselves.

Facebook: @oceansharmony



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