1000 registered users making change- A thank you from our founders.

I can still vividly remember Mateo and I sitting in my living room, where we shook hands, and committed to giving our sweat, blood and tears into this movement, the new era of giving back.  

Convinced that everyone has the power to help and that together we can create change; we worked non-stop and launched our very first prototype in February, pivoting and re-launching again in April. Today, the 16th of September, 2020, 1,000 people have signed up to use charityBay. These are everyday Australians, a community committed to changing lives by donating their unwanted items and purchasing pieces that are helping fund charities. Because of this amazing community, we are more energised than ever to say to everyone reading this that YOU can make an impact. YOU have the power to generate change.  

Our journey has been a full adventure, from knocking on hundreds of doors (pre-COVID), connecting with thousands of charities, to successfully sending these charities cash donations from the sale of what were once unwanted items. We must not take any credit there, though, as we simply created the platform - the bridge so to speak. The real heroes are our users and of course, the charities. 

Mateo and I may be the public face of charityBay, but this success would not have been possible if it weren't for our incredible team. We would like to publicly thank Carolina and Natalia - our earliest visionaries, Amir - our business development manager and friend, Yelena who supported us on our most critical times in the beginning, and our incredible marketing team Dana, Katherine and Ronaldo. Thank you for all your hard work. Because of your dedication and passion, charityBay is a reality, and we invite you to be a part of it! 


Together, we can generate change. Join the charityBay community by downloading our mobile app TODAY. 


Welcome to the new era of giving back.  


Haidar & Mateo 


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