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The concept of charityBay started from living in an apartment in inner-city Melbourne. It felt as though every day, new people were coming and going, and in their wake left countless items being left on the nature strips and in the communal rubbish rooms to be taken to landfill inevitably. A washing machine, a couch, an assortment of children's toys left in a cardboard box labelled 'free to a good home'. But these items had worth - they still had life in them and would be perfect for someone else to use and love. And more surprisingly, they were belongings people were happy to part with for no monetary gain. So it got us thinking.. what if we could somehow sell these items and create a new revenue stream for those who truly need it. Cold hard cash that could be used in any charity, for any cause and go towards the personalised needs of those associated with any charity. From there - our minds went wild. Imagine if we could simultaneously help those in need AND reduce our impact on the environment. Reducing landfill, increasing reusing and recycling. And hey! That pre-loved item you picked up on charityBay might even inspire a Saturday afternoon DIY project! The opportunities are truly endless! Convinced that everyone has the power to help, we committed to giving our sweat, blood and tears into this movement, the new era of giving back. Since, we have seen:

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Excellent -
A platform like charityBay is a great partnership for SisterWorks in spreading awareness about our organisation. Any bit of money invested into SisterWorks goes a very long way for a locally based non-profit like us. Furthermore, the ethos of charityBay in promoting a sustainable cycle for unused items blends with the ethical model of our SisterWorks products. We believe in sustainability and making consumption more eco friendly.
Excellent -
Genius! A way for charities to be supported by making use of items that may otherwise go to waste, especially during social distancing.
Excellent -
World Youth International are so excited to be featured on charityBay. This user-friendly online marketplace that helps you convert your unwanted valuable items into donations allows non-profit organisations such as ours to focus on our sustainable development projects. It has been a pleasure working closely with the charityBay team so far, and we hope our relationship can continue to grow over coming months and beyond. Well done to charityBay for their innovation in creating such a worthwhile platform to facilitate the act of giving when the world needs it most!
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Maria Chindris
  • SisterWorks™
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Sondy Oli Ward
  • God’s Dreaming Inc.
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Gabriella Ocenasek
  • World Youth International

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