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Welcome to 'The new era of giving back'! charityBay is the first of its kind, a not-for-profit online equivalent to Opportunity Shops we have grown up donating our belongings to.

charityBay allows you to auction off your beloved items and direct the proceeds to your favourite charity of choice. With thousands of registered charities available to choose from, your contribution can make a difference to those closest to your heart. 

It's not always easy to part with your hard-earned cash, but by donating your unused or upgraded items, you can create a new revenue stream which will instantly make a difference to those in need. 

Simply take a photo of your item and upload this to the app along with a description, and most importantly choose the lucky charity who will benefit from your donation. All listings start at a flat rate of $0.99 and from there - the sky is the limit! There's no need to worry about postage and delivery - as the lucky bidder will pick up their treasures right from your doorstep.



  • 95% of proceeds are donated to your charity of choice
  • Not all charities find items useful, but all charities directly benefit from funds
  • Promote environmental sustainability by repurposing your useful items, which promotes recycling and reduces landfill 
  • Increase your yearly tax rebate - all donations within Australia to registered charities are tax deductible 

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